Turn time into cryptocurrency

A decentralized blockchain platform
to turn time and data into cryptocurrency

Your time is
your money

Time is a basic and finite resource of humanity. We seek to increase time’s efficiency and unlock its real value. Every single minute converted into value can deliver benefits to people. To make it possible, we’re building a blockchain platform to turn human time and actions into a cryptocurrency — MYTC.

Get cryptocurrency for your time

Users will be incentivized by services such as applications, online games, video streaming sites, web publishers, taxi aggregators, and others for their time and actions via MYTC.

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Users get rewarded for time invested in the product

Services track active user time making records on the blockchain. In exchange for time and data services reward users with the cryptocurrency.

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mytimecoin (MYTC) — a payment unit on the mytime platform

Payments between services and users are made in MYTC. Users may change MYTC for any other cryptocurrency and fiat money.

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Use your personal wallet

We’re developing a basic user application to interact with the mytime platform. A handy tool to conclude contracts with services, monetize your time, buy and sell MYTC.

Use your personal wallet

A wallet application devised for accrual of bonuses, cashback, and loyalty program incentives. A wallet comes with fiat and exchange gateways to easily convert MYTC into any currency.

A platform underpinned by blockchain and Decentralized
Data Storage

Blockchain offers solutions for businesses and users

Services make entries of user behavior and MYTC rewards on the blockchain.

No intermediaries

Advertising platforms and global data owners are cut out of the process

Transparent transactions

Smart contracts enable complex transactions and guarantee performance

Trusted data

Data transparency and integrity are safeguarded by the blockchain

Reliable sources

Blockchain records where and when the data was collected, and by whom

Blockchain offers solutions for businesses and users

User Wallet

Services record user time, actions, and MYTC reward amounts on the blockchain.

Blockchain + Decentralized Data Storage

Blockchain guarantees data transparency and integrity. Data Storage keeps service data in encrypted format.

Data Marketplace

The mytime platform provides services with a decentralized B2B marketplace for data trading.

Decentralized Data Storage

Decentralized Data Storage

Businesses can collect, store, and use their customer behavior data in a desensitized form. Services integrated with mytime will enjoy access to a decentralized B2B marketplace for data trading.


Accumulated data allows compiling and analyzing anonymized user profiles.


Quick access and scalability.


Easy sampling on demand without full data loading into RAM.


Data arrays distributed over a network of nodes, peer-to-peer replication.

Businesses earn on selling data of every single user

Data trading on exchanges

Any company will be able to buy data on an exchange, including such data as purchased goods, viewed ads, favorite movie genres, engaging news, gaming behavior, networking contacts, etc.

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Inactive user and closed service data continue to deliver benefits

All transactions involving user time and actions are recorded on the blockchain, thereby becoming a trusted source of information. User behavior data collected by a service will earn income even if a user leaves the service.

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User data presents a paramount value

Blockchain guarantees reliable sources, flexible attributes, and data immutability, relevance, and integrity. Data is not devalued with time. It can be processed and sold continuously by businesses and data owners.

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B2B Data Marketplace

We’re creating a B2B Data Marketplace for data trading with other companies, advertising agencies, and platforms.

B2B Data Marketplace

We aim to engage large and medium B2C companies and their users. Integrated services and businesses will enrich the platform’s data repository and attract new customers to the Data Marketplace. Buyers will be able to purchase the data of particular services, as well as selections from various sources. Multiple service data will reflect the behavioral pattern of each individual user on the mytime platform.

Token sale
March 24

mytimetokens (MTT) are generated on Ethereum. They may be converted into mytimecoins (MYTC) at a fixed rate of 1/60. Join the token sale now and get your bonus, up to 10% of the acquired token amount. We anticipate reaching agreements with exchanges regarding the MTT listing in June of 2018. Don’t lose your time and build your future with us!

Hard cap: 2 400 BTC
Soft cap: 700 BTC
We accept: BTC, ETH, LTC
Minimum purchase: 100 MTT (0,003 BTC)
Amount-based bonus: up to 10%

Experts proven with time

Eduard Gurinovich

Eduard Gurinovich

Chief Executive Officer

Founder of CarPrice and CarMoney. In 2 years, raised $90m+ from key industry investors, opened 50+ offices across Russia, Japan, India, and Brazil.

Maxim Ploskonosov

Maxim Ploskonosov

Chief Marketing Officer

Founder of RMG Group, RoboMarketing (companies integrating AI, Big Data, and ML technologies into big brands and AdTech), founder of LPgenerator — a leading landing page tool in the Russian community.

Alexander Zelenshikov

Alexander Zelenshikov

Chief Product Officer

17 years in game development. Held leading positions at Russian and international video game companies: Novy Disc, Nival, and Obsidian Entertainment. Expert in security and enhancement of customer applications.

Aleksey Fomkin

Aleksey Fomkin

Chief Technical Officer

Over 10 years in video game development and team management, enterprise software and machine learning. Ex CTO at Data Monsters, a California based ML company. Leading Scala developer.

Sherzod Gapirov

Sherzod Gapirov

Software Engineer

10 years in telecom software development and billing services automation. Participated in constructing a behavior analytics platform for subscribers of mobile operators. Expert in machine learning for functional programming.

Roman Kanunnikov

Roman Kanunnikov

Investor Relations Director

Over 6 years in online and offline sales. A vast experience in building and enhancing customer relationships at Yandex Market and ShuffleIT (Dutch).

Alina Tolmacheva

Alina Tolmacheva


7 years in journalism as the former editor of the web-based media outlets specialized in business and marketing publications: Cossa, vc.ru, and The Secret of the Firm. Expert in creating content about enterprises, marketing, advertising, and new technologies.

Kirill Orlov

Kirill Orlov


10 years in journalism as the former editor-in-chief of RBC’s information projects and deputy editor-in-chief of TopGear. Gave a new start to the Autonews.ru project, produced advertising content for Meduza and Lenta.ru. Expert in creating content about new technologies.

Anastasia Kovba

Anastasia Kovba

Chief Business Development Officer

5 years in sales, marketing and project management in IT and retail: Retail Rocket, FreshOffice, Alshaya Russia, and Danone. Established partnerships with major brands: Mothercare, The Body Shop, Quelle, Tom Tailor, Ulmart, Svyaznoy, and others.

Oleg Kobyzev

Oleg Kobyzev


12 years in marketing and sales. Founder of the MarketologGuru project providing advisory services and full-range expertise in engaging customers into small and medium business. Expert in traffic, conversion and automatic funnels.

Andrew Kos

Andrew Kos


3 years in UI/UX design. Performed full-stack site development, created high-level mobile and SaaS applications: e-wallets, games, corporate resources. Expert in branding, visual communication, identica, and product support.


Alexander Rugaev

Alexander Rugaev

CEO, ICOpromo

Serial entrepreneur and blockchain supporter. Experienced in creating industrial grade Bitcoin and Ethereum mining farms. 16 years in e-commerce and online marketing.

Sergei Sergienko

Sergei Sergienko

СЕО, Chronobank

Co-founder of Edway Group Ltd. Award-winner in business in Australia, including «Hot 30 under 30». Represented Australia on G20 summits.

Alex Garkoosha

Alex Garkoosha

Blockchain Expert

Co-founder of Modern Token, blockchain advisor. Produced his first smart contract in Serpent in 2014. Participated in ICO Humaniq, raised $5.2m into the project.

token sale in 2018;
public launch in Q3 2018;
scaling in 2019–2020


Q1 2017

Conceive the idea for mytime

Define the value of transforming time into MYTC

Hold market analysis

Study the possibilities of using blockchain in various industries related to time mechanics


Q2 2017

Build the mytime team

Establish the core mytime project competencies

Identify mytime value for the market

Test mytime values on a large number of businesses

Plan the mytime ecosystem infrastructure

Take the key decisions on the mytime’s ecosystem architecture


Q3 2017

Negotiate with advertising companies and online communities

Reach preliminary agreements with major market players

Launch the project website mytc.io


Q4 2017

Public relations

Broad media coverage of the project. Conclude agreements with businesses on mytime integration


Q1 2018

Publish the source code on GitHub

Launch the PBFT (PoA) network

Launch a lightweight wallet

Promote the mytime brand

Enter into integration agreements with 5 companies


March 24, 2018

Launch token sale as from March 24


Q2 2018

Implement a node API for popular programming languages

Launch lightweight wallets for iOS and Android

Launch first service integrations


Q3 2018

Implement smart contracts

Integrate a lightweight wallet with centralized processes


Q4 2018

Transfer from PBFT to BFT/PoS

Network decentralization



Launch a B2B Data Marketplace

Data reselling based on smart contracts

Integration with lead industries

Implement out-of-the-box and mass-market solutions



Execution of data processing algorithms on the nodes. Data reselling based on smart contracts combined with the algorithms for data processing

Scaling-up and expansion