A blockchain platform
to turn time
into the cryptocurrency

Our partners
Big Idea

We propose turning time into a measurable value


Our time is what we are

Based on blockchain technology, we are creating a platform that will allow compensation for human time in a transparent way. Open-source transaction data will generate the value of human time across industries.

Furthermore, the platform will allow shaping transaction profiles and the reputation of users.

With the time and reputation components added to the open-source blockchain, companies will be able to effectively buy and pay for people’s time.
How it works

mytime platform

mytime is a decentralized blockchain platform with its own cryptocurrency — mytimecoin (MYTC).

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Chronos protocol

The mytime platform will be underpinned by the protocol enabling one platform participant to pay for the time of another platform participant in MYTC`s cryptocurrency. Time transactions are entered into the public ledger. The transaction history shapes user reputation. The Proof-of-Time algorithm resolves conflicts arising from selling one and the same time span to different platform participants.

Smart contracts

allow services to make agreements with users on purchasing their time and actions, and to reward them with MYTC for meeting the conditions and performing certain actions (participating in the life of communities or gaming clans, fulfilling an assignment, watching a video, etc.).

Chronos foundation

Chronos Foundation

A structure supporting services and developers around the platform. It will handle services integration with mytime and develop an open Chronos protocol to help sustain global distribution and high penetration of the MYTC cryptocurrency.

How it works

The mytime platform will enable any interested party (a business, a service provider, a project) to directly purchase the users’ time and attention for the MYTC cryptocurrency. mytime records the terms and conditions and results of their performance/non-performance in a smart contract. Users, in their turn, will get a tangible reward for their time via MYTC and will be able to use it to make payments or convert it into fiat money.

The blockchain offers solutions for businesses and users

The blockchain technology guarantees transparency and integrity
of data and performance by the community members.

  1. 1. Clear and transparent transactions
  2. 2. Fixed terms and conditions
  3. 3. No intermediaries such as banks or advertising platforms
  4. 4. Easy microtransactions at minimum fees
  5. 5. Uniform rating system for all users and companies
  6. 6. Reward via a liquid instrument convertible into many currencies
  7. 7. An open platform integrating with any business

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Crypto Finance Conference
17-19 Jan • St. Moritz, Switzerland
World Economic Forum Annual Meeting
23-25 Jan • Davos-Klosters, Switzerland

Experts proven by time

The mytime team is widely experienced in launching startups, developing large businesses, facilitating global distribution and fundraising. Our team is comprised of people with expertise in business enterprise, finance, development, strategy and promotion.

total investments raised
by the founders
total annual turnover
for all companies
launched over 15 years
Eduard Gurinovich Chief Executive Officer
Founder of CarPrice and CarMoney. In 2 years raised $90m+ from key industry investors, opened 50+ offices across Russia, Japan, India, and Brazil.
Maksim Ploskonosov Chief Marketing Officer
Founder of the RMG Group, RoboMarketing (AI, Big Data, ML for corporations and AdTech) and LPgenerator, a leading landing page designer in the Russian internet community.
Sergey Shashev Chief Technical Officer
Founder of AntTrader and Dexpa (Data Science projects in AdTech), Head of R&D projects at NAUMEN developing data-driven systems for state and private corporations.
Alex Garkoosha Blockchain & Mathematical Expert
Co-founder of Modern Token and blockchain advisor. Produced his first smart contract in Serpent in 2014. Participated in ICO Humaniq, the project raised $5.2m.
Alexander Zelenshikov Chief Product Officer
17 years in game development at Nival, Novy Disc, and Obsidian Entertainment.
Stepan Kamentsev Software Architect
14 years in R&D and the development of intelligent systems at Naumen, Smart Technologies, and SIAMS. Expert in distributing systems for data analysis, NLP, Data Mining, DevOps, and Full Stack.


  • Q1 2017

    Conceive the idea for mytime. Hold market analysis.

  • Q2 2017

    Create the mytime team. Identify mytime values for the market. Develop the mytime ecosystem architecture.

  • Q3 2017

    Negotiate with advertising companies and online communities. Launch, the project website

  • Q4 2017

    Broad media coverage of the project and conclude mytime agreements with businesses.

  • Q1 2018

    Produce the Chronos protocol specification. Promote the mytime brand.
    Launch the token sale from the March 24*
    *The token sale procedure, and terms and conditions will be detailed later, follow the site updates.

  • Q2 2018

    Implement the Chronos protocol. Launch the first mytime applications. Audit the mytime ecosystem.

  • Q3 2018

    Public launch of the mytime ecosystem. Launch the first applications. Pilot launch of smart contracts in the mytime ecosystem.

  • Q4 2018

    Chronos Foundation activities. Public launch of smart contracts.

  • 2019

    Integration to leading industries.

  • 2020

    Scaling up and expansion.

Token sale from March 24

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